Why you should never have a back-up plan


So my girlfriend has started to create her dreams of running a successful on-line boutique. She has already ordered some sample clothing off the net and is busy working on her website in her spare time. She is also studying to become a teacher. Now, recently my girlfriend has told me she prefers her dreams of owning a successful on-line boutique instead of becoming a teacher. Which is fine, all well and good, however tonight she mentioned to me that she wants to finish her teaching degree as a back-up plan in case her business doesn’t work out……

Do you know what I said?


She went on to say “In this world you have to have a back-up plan!”.

I answered “ANGHHHH WRONG!”

I then explained to her that another name for a back-up plan is a “GUARANTEED FAIL PLAN”.

Winner’s don’t have back-up plan’s. Winners do what they have set out to do. Winner’s understand that settling for second best is not an option.

You may be asking “But why is a back-up plan such a bad idea?”, “Isn’t it safe?” or “Isn’t it smart?”

No. A back-up plan is actually not safe or smart. It is actually stupid. This is why…

If you have a back-up plan you are only increasing your chances of failure!

Back-up plans put the mind at ease and take your eye’s off the goal ahead.

When you have a back-up plan you are prepared for a failure. It sounds stupid doesn’t it? Preparing for failure? When really if you were to ask yourself “do you have any plans for failure?” you would answer “no.”, but in creating a back-up plan you have already done so.


Instead avoid failure at all costs!

Live your life on a do or die scale.

You either do what the fuck you set out to do or you can go be a nice safe little pussy and achieve mediocre results and unwittingly handicap yourself.

Never ever have a back up plan.

Do you think if Sylvester Stallone had had a back up plan would he have given up on his dream of producing the movie Rocky and swapped over to something that was of less importance to him when times got tough and he had to sell his own dog for rent money or when his heating got turned off in his freezing cold apartment?

I think not.

This is a do or die man.

By the way Rocky went on to produce 3 Academy awards and get nominated for 10 Academy awards in total and the series has now gone on to produce over $1 billion dollars at the world wide box office.

That is stupid money.

But you know what’s stupider?

A back-up plan.

– Jordan


If you would like to watch the ‘Rocky story’, I posted it in this article. To this day that story is in my top 5 most influential tales I have ever heard. Truly inspiring.

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2 thoughts on “Why you should never have a back-up plan

  1. beadamnman says:

    Well said Jordan. Plan B is a bad idea. I once met a stupidly rich man who’s advice was very much the same; do what you want with all your heart.
    If you really need a backup plan you can work that out when you have undeniably failed and abandoned your primary goal.

  2. Jose says:

    Dam!! Dude i always wondered why every time i had a back up plan shit fell apart and when i did not have a plan everything fell into place. Never thought that having a back up plan is a bad thing and now i know!

    Fantastic post bro!

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