The importance of self education


Your mummy’s not gonna do it for you and the government sure as hell aint gonna do it for you.

So who’s gonna do it?

You’re gonna do it for you.

Now I hope it’s not just me and that I didn’t miss my electives for classes such as Happiness 101, How to be Successful 101 or Entrepreneurial Skills 101. But I don’t remember seeing any of these classes during high school or during my university business degree which is probably because….


Why were they not offered? I’m not sure why? Perhaps the government likes the population dumb and depressed enough so that we can continue to mindlessly spin the cogs in their money-making machines (Remember that business is a two-way street. You need a boss and then you need the individuals that help to make them rich). Or maybe it’s because we as a whole society have still  not grasped onto the idea that perhaps some of the subjects I listed above would be more beneficial than other subjects that inform us of facts such as how many wars Napoleon won or how to multiply Pythagoras theorem by the square root of 200. Save that shit for extra curricular activity.

So who will teach you what you need to become a successful, happy, intelligent, critical thinking human being?….

You will.

This means time to buy a book, watch some YouTube or surf the web on how to increase your motivation, how to be happy or how to be successful.

Just think back to what you actually learnt in school and how useful it was? I think back and I view school as another way to fill my time with bullshit. Pure useless bullshit. If I wanted a lesson in common knowledge I would have bought Trivial Pursuit. Much cheaper and way more time efficient. The shit I learnt in school will not make me happy, successful or rich. Three things that are the key to living a long and happy life. Understanding happiness, how to be successful and how to have enough capital so that you can live safely and free of worry.

So next time you think about a TV reservation, maybe think about expanding your mind and improving your life with some self-education. Because no one else will give it to you.

This guy is an absolute legend.


Here are some great educational books if anyone is interested.


Thanks for reading


– Jordan

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4 thoughts on “The importance of self education

  1. Jose says:

    Unfortunately education now a days only serves as to train students to become mindless drones. I remember being a kid and building makeshift boats with my little brother and making them actually move in the water by taking a small electric motor and a 9volt battery. That is the type of shit we did at home when we were board. we built bow and arrows and other crazy stuff. Just a kid with an imagination and curiosity something schools dislike now and back then.

    I went to a business school and they did not teach us any classes about Entrepreneur-ism or about money. Which is why so many people are so ignorant about everything now. At work when i have down time I’m either reading up blogs like this one or learning some thing of interest in You Tube like how to set up a Satellite antenna and stuff like that. Hell my dad had us Jack Hammering cement and demolishing our old garage among other things at the age of 14.

    School did not teach me or my brothers to do those things we either picked up a book and read about it or an adult showed us how to do it. There is so much information out there that is so easy to access that i could never understand why we still have ignorant people in the world!

    By the way i read all of those three books and they are worth their money! I suggest to anyone reading Jordan’s post invest in all three books and learn something about how money works!

    Keep rising bro!

    • jordanflynn2013 says:

      That’s awesome you’ve read all three. I’m reading conspiracy of the rich second time round. Excellent read.

  2. jerem6 says:

    Holy shit, that guy is a legend lol

  3. I.A.A.M. says:

    This blog post is right on the money. I currently work in the commie public school system and can tell you first hand that if you really want real world learning, you must take it upon yourself to self educate. We have the internet, idiots and dummy books that are well written and make a much better lesson plan than any crap class you may attend, and we also have you tube videos that are constantly placing instruction on various topics. The public school system is deliberatly dumbing down kids with this new common core crap, which is being instituted right now as I write this. Kids who graduate under common core will be reading at a seventh grade level by the time they enter college. Very Sad. Its up to you to take responsibility for your own learning and education. Education does not begin or end with school, nope its all up to you. Great Blog post.

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