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Would you wait?


Let’s pretend for a second.

I’m offering you a large sum of money.

Ten million dollars.

One catch.

One rule.

You have to wait for it.

How long would you wait for this generous gift?

Six months? A year? Ten years?


You probably answered…


“I would wait”


However what if I told you this…

I’m offering you another gift.

A money printing empire, the car you have always dreamt of, the house you have always dreamt of, success, happiness and freedom.

The life you have always dreamt of.


One catch.

One rule.

You must again wait.


How long would you wait?

Six months? A year? Ten years?


Again you probably answered.


“I would wait”


So my next question is why have you given up waiting already?

We all have the ability to do great things within us.

But what has stopped you?


What has stopped you from achieving the lifestyle you desire? Did you give up when things got tough? Was it easier to watch television last night than read one of Trump’s entrepreneurial books? Was it better to spend $30 on take away pizza’s rather than investing that money in yourself? In your future?


The rules of the game are simple. Sacrifice now to live like a king in the future.


The rules are simple. The game isn’t fixed.

You’ve just given up.


You know the rules. You know what you have to do.

The real question is..

Will you wait?

“Today is the best day to start. Yesterday was the second best day.”

BOOM. Go kill it.

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