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The only way to grow is to do the things that scare you

One step. Followed by another.

Sometime’s a leap of faith is all that is necessary for us to propel ourselves to greater realms.

Do you have fears?

(The answer is yes).

Everyone has fears.

However the difference between greatness and mediocrity is….

Do you fight your fears?…

If you don’t you should and if you do…that is good news for you. You have probably already achieved growth higher than others.

The only way for us to grow and conquer is to do the things that scare us.

The more we put the things off. The stronger we make our fear.


What is the problem with fear? Fear is there to protect me?

Well yes, fear is there to protect you. But is that how you would like to live your life? Feeling safe and protected?

If you do I suggest you get the fuck off my webpage and go check out eBay’s nice selection of Harry Potter books. This is not what Pink Mist is about.

Fighting fear makes you feel alive. For when you are not fighting fear… you are just another sheep remaining in the middle of the pack.

I don’t have time for fear in this world. My life is too damn short to be afraid.

I don’t know if many of you like rap/hip hop? I am a big fan.

Something that really stuck out to me a few months ago was a Facebook Post I read by the rapper Hopsin.

I dug through some archives and I found it for you to read.


I love it. It shows so much truth. Imagine being 80 years old and how pissed off you would be if you lived your life as a safe little pussy?

You would feel sick!

So next time you are afraid.

Visualise what the 80-year-old you would say.

I remember reading a quote that went along the lines of this. I apologise if I have not phrased correctly.

“In order to gain confidence you must first use courage. Courage is what it takes to get you over the line and then confidence emerges and remains in its place.”

P.s. get ready for podcasts. I’m scared to do this. But you don’t go up unless you push those mother fucken boundaries!

– Jordan

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