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Why I Quit University

Lion (1)

“Do you go to Uni?”

“Yeh, do you?”

“Yeh, what do you study?”

“Business and Commerce in Property.”

“Oh yeh mad. Do you like it?”

(Here’s the part where I tell the other person “yes”)

“Yeh I do.”

The fact is, I really did study Business and Commerce in Property.

Another true fact is..

I did like it.

Another true fact is,

I didn’t love it.

So I quit. Yep, 2 years into my course. Half way through the semester. I just quit. Didn’t go to the exams. Didn’t even check the exam dates.

I just quit.

Do people think I’m stupid? Maybe? I’d say probably. I don’t really care.

Am I happy with my decision?


What I wanted to study and what I wanted to become educated in was not offered in my course.

Actually I don’t think it is offered in any course? Any course I have ever heard of anyway.

I wanted to study:

How to be happy.

How to unlock my full potential.

How to be successful.

How to live comfortably without fear.

And how to live without regret.


That’s what I do now. I broaden my horizons on these topics and work on building my website so I can help others and create myself financial freedom doing what I love.

No more API approved textbooks. Good bye Land Law.

Rural valuation, you can go fuck yourself.

Oh and statistics, fuck you too.

Getting up in the morning to brainwash myself with calculations and property education.

Fuck you too.

Now I educate myself in what I really love and enjoy.

I kind of figure it this way..

If you’re going to spend a lot of time on something…

 Why not make it something you love?

I will tell you this and this is my guarantee.

When your work involves something you love. It does not feel like work.

And when work no longer feels like work….

You can concentrate for 10 times as long.

Find it easier to substitute ‘hanging out’ to work on what you love.


Do what you love. I guarantee you will not lose.

Love is more powerful than any amount of concentration enhancing drugs, any amount of coffee or any amount of Red bull.

I guarantee that I would have made a lot of money in my career in property. But no way near as much as I am going to make now.

Love what you do and always do what you Love.

I also recommend watching the below video a friend of mine recommended and a video that inspired me to make this post.



So hurry up and make a change, before you’re old and full of regret.

– Jordan

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How To Write a To Do List

What would you say if I told you that I could guarantee that you could become more efficient, improve your time management and achieve your goals quicker just by the use of my own formula for writing to do lists?

If you’re not a big, fat, loser, slob you would probably be listening intently!

Today I’m going to show you my way. The best way.

The get your fucking shit done way.


– My to do list for today (Yes I know I write like a 6-year-old)

Step 1. Wake the fuck up. Brush teeth, shower etc. Perform your morning rituals. This will allow for your brain to wake up. I usually write my list after a hearty breakfast as I feel more switched on and awake by then.

Step 2. Find a piece of paper. Or a piece of cardboard, or an old receipt or even your least favourite sister’s birth certificate. Whatever float’s your boat.

Step 3. Begin with the heading “Today I….”. By writing “Today I…” instead of something else like “Jordan’s dumb fucking list of shit to do…” you trick your brain into believing that you have already done the things you are about to write. This plays a trick on your subconscious and results in ‘What the mind believes, it achieves’.

Step 4. Rack your brains! Write everything down that you can think of that you need to get done today! Don’t put anything unachievable down and don’t write a list as long as a text-book. Only write what you think you can get done today.

Step 5. Keep it on you. If you leave home, fold it up, keep it in your pocket. It must be attached to you for the day.

Step 6. Mark them off. Draw a line through each task after completion. This provides you with a sense of accomplishment and the hunger to do more.

So there you have it. The most effective way to write a daily to do list.

Bringing you closer to making fat stacks, achieving your goals and upping your happiness.

– Jordan


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