It’s all about the benjamins part 1 of 2!


$ Time to talk MONEY $

That’s right I’m talking the greens. Some of that sweet sweet paper! Fat stacks!


Money is FREEDOM!

Money will pay for your HEALTHCARE

Money will pay for your CHILDREN to go to a good school

Money will pay for your holiday to the CARIBBEAN

Money will pay for your brand new MURCIELAGO

Money will pay for your beautiful MANSION IN A SAFE NEIGHBOURHOOD

We all require money in a modern-day society. Long gone are the days of primitive ‘hunter gatherer’ role play. In are the days of consumers and suppliers. So what’s holding you back from getting your hand’s on a fat stack?

Your current job?

Your level of education?

Your parents?

Societies expectations that are extremely important to you?

Remember rules are meant to be broken! Don’t follow the rules like some grass chewing sheep!

We all know these rules…

Get good grades go to university/college.

 Get a good job, A nice safe job, with a steady even income.

Work for someone else.. build their dream.

Bust your nuts for old man Mr Schmittington. Make him rich instead of yourself.


You don’t make FAT STACKS being safe.

You don’t make FAT STACKS busting your nuts for old man Schmittington.

You make FAT STACKS taking a risk. Betting on your self! If you can’t even bet on your self then who can you bet on?

The point I am trying to make is that if you want MASS FINANCIAL FREEDOM you have to take a risk! You have to believe in your self. That you deserve more! You have to be HUNGRY. You have to start-up that dream business you have always wanted, NO ONE WILL DO IT FOR YOU. However you have to give it 110%! and you must do something you love and are passionate about. Other wise it WILL NOT WORK.

Now stop being some fucken zombie and get out there and go DO YOU!

Carry on to Part 2!

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2 thoughts on “It’s all about the benjamins part 1 of 2!

  1. BADM says:

    That’s what it’s all about. Show some fucking nut and put yourself out there. As Collin Ferrel says, “fortune favors the bold.”

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