Comfort Breeds Complacency


Feeling comfortable?

You really shouldn’t.

Comfort breeds complacency

and complacency breeds…

Well nothing.

Want to go up?

Get uncomfortable.

“That doesn’t sound appealing?”

“I don’t like change?”

“I’m happy with my current life style”

That’s fine.. enjoy your big bag of Cheetos and another game of Warcraft.

More money and success for me.

Being uncomfortable reminds us that we are alive.

When we are totally comfortable we are as good as dead. Running through our daily motions.. searching for instant pleasures.

Instant pleasures do not bring true happiness. Real happiness is created by hard work and achievements. Sacrificing for a better tomorrow.

But how do I become uncomfortable?

Easy! Put yourself out there and show some fucking nuts!

Why should I move out of my parents home? I’m 40 and it has everything I need?

Do you really want to die knowing you never left the nest? That you never really became your own man?

6 AM! Is it even daylight by then?

Please shut the fuck up before I throw a spanner at you.

I really like my job at Office Works. I’ve been here for the last 6 years.

Shut the fuck up. You’re a liar. I’m sure working at Office Works for the last six years was never your dream.

A physical example of someone who does not enjoy comfort is Arnold Schwarzenegger. The man truly despises comfort and look how far he has come. From an average home in Austria, to body building champion, to million dollar actor and finally to a career in politics. Love him or hate him, the man is incredible. Imagine having his resume? I recently purchased Arnold’s newest auto biography “Total Recall”. His book has given me true insight into the definition of determination and facing the uncomfortable.


My guru Eric Thomas says it best “You’ve got to give up… to GO UP”.

If you’re not willing to pay the price.. Don’t play the fucking game!

In life you should never feel satisfied. Life is a never-ending story. Meaning there is always room for improvement.

You want to be a professional swimmer?

You better jump in that pool.

You wanna knock people out like Tyson?

You better be prepared to get hit.

You wanna make more money than you’ve ever seen in your life?

Time to research, learn from the best and put your nuts on the line.

Feel some pain – Jordan

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4 thoughts on “Comfort Breeds Complacency

  1. Mike says:

    Breaking post. “Comfort Breeds Complacency.” Complacency breeds nothing. Absolutely right. Find Complacency in not being comfortable and you might aswell develop creativity. Booyah! >:D

  2. jack says:

    good work cuz call me when you get a chance.

  3. Sal Isback says:

    Hey great blog I like it, you speak my language!

    I found you through the comments section of Vic’s “10 challenges you’ll face as a new entrpreneur”

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