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The most obvious and fool proof way to get a goal done

Let’s assume you want to lose weight in order to get into shape for the upcoming Summer. Naturally you decide to sign up to a gym like many of your other friends have done. You go to the gym for the first time and after your session you go home, take your shirt off and have a good old look at yourself in the mirror. You notice there are no changes. You still look and feel like the average Joe blow.

The next day you visit the gym again for the second time. Again after your session you look in the mirror and notice that… still nothing has changed.

A week goes by and you have now visited the gym five times. Again you go home and look in the mirror and guess what… Still nothing has changed!

You hit the gym twenty times and… Hold on… wait a minute… Something has happened…. Changes have begun. You may see your body form begin to change shape. You have become slightly more vascular…. You may even see a slight increase in muscular definition. Something has changed.

You have now hit the gym one hundred times. Bigger changes have occurred. Your muscles are bigger. Your body is more muscular. You look and feel much better.

Here is a riddle for you….

How do you eat an elephant?

Stop and have a guess. How would you actually eat an elephant?

The answer is strikingly simple.

One piece at a time.

Nothing in this world is easy my friend. You can get lucky and things can happen quickly. However they will not happen easily. Everything requires force. Nothing in this world that is worth having comes easily.

Most people of modern day society search hard for magical pills that will fix your life. Quick fix remedies. Pills that will make you happy. Pills that will make you look like Arnold. Pills that will make you smarter, faster and richer. The sad part is these pills do not exist and a lot of people get rich by tricking and manipulating the stupid and lazy.

Today I am going to tell you what I take. My personal choice of supplement for success. It’s scientific name is RCA.

Relentless Continuous Action

That’s right, The world’s best supplement to help you achieve your goals and dreams is RCA: Relentless Continuous Action. RCA is a beautiful thing. RCA works on the principle that continuous action + a relentless attitude = achievement and success. The best part about this supplement is that it is free to access and it is non-discriminatory, meaning that you can access it, your friends can access it, your doctor can access it and even your ninety year old grandfather can access it.

Continuous effort, force and action is required to complete your goals. You may be required to act over a number of days, over a number of weeks, over a number of months or even over a number of years.

Remember that a lumber jack does not chop down a tree via one big, dramatic, violent blow. He chops down the tree via a continuous effort. Chop, after chop, after chop. Until the tree has fallen.

– Jordan