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Would you wait?


Let’s pretend for a second.

I’m offering you a large sum of money.

Ten million dollars.

One catch.

One rule.

You have to wait for it.

How long would you wait for this generous gift?

Six months? A year? Ten years?


You probably answered…


“I would wait”


However what if I told you this…

I’m offering you another gift.

A money printing empire, the car you have always dreamt of, the house you have always dreamt of, success, happiness and freedom.

The life you have always dreamt of.


One catch.

One rule.

You must again wait.


How long would you wait?

Six months? A year? Ten years?


Again you probably answered.


“I would wait”


So my next question is why have you given up waiting already?

We all have the ability to do great things within us.

But what has stopped you?


What has stopped you from achieving the lifestyle you desire? Did you give up when things got tough? Was it easier to watch television last night than read one of Trump’s entrepreneurial books? Was it better to spend $30 on take away pizza’s rather than investing that money in yourself? In your future?


The rules of the game are simple. Sacrifice now to live like a king in the future.


The rules are simple. The game isn’t fixed.

You’ve just given up.


You know the rules. You know what you have to do.

The real question is..

Will you wait?

“Today is the best day to start. Yesterday was the second best day.”

BOOM. Go kill it.

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The importance of self education


Your mummy’s not gonna do it for you and the government sure as hell aint gonna do it for you.

So who’s gonna do it?

You’re gonna do it for you.

Now I hope it’s not just me and that I didn’t miss my electives for classes such as Happiness 101, How to be Successful 101 or Entrepreneurial Skills 101. But I don’t remember seeing any of these classes during high school or during my university business degree which is probably because….


Why were they not offered? I’m not sure why? Perhaps the government likes the population dumb and depressed enough so that we can continue to mindlessly spin the cogs in their money-making machines (Remember that business is a two-way street. You need a boss and then you need the individuals that help to make them rich). Or maybe it’s because we as a whole society have still  not grasped onto the idea that perhaps some of the subjects I listed above would be more beneficial than other subjects that inform us of facts such as how many wars Napoleon won or how to multiply Pythagoras theorem by the square root of 200. Save that shit for extra curricular activity.

So who will teach you what you need to become a successful, happy, intelligent, critical thinking human being?….

You will.

This means time to buy a book, watch some YouTube or surf the web on how to increase your motivation, how to be happy or how to be successful.

Just think back to what you actually learnt in school and how useful it was? I think back and I view school as another way to fill my time with bullshit. Pure useless bullshit. If I wanted a lesson in common knowledge I would have bought Trivial Pursuit. Much cheaper and way more time efficient. The shit I learnt in school will not make me happy, successful or rich. Three things that are the key to living a long and happy life. Understanding happiness, how to be successful and how to have enough capital so that you can live safely and free of worry.

So next time you think about a TV reservation, maybe think about expanding your mind and improving your life with some self-education. Because no one else will give it to you.

This guy is an absolute legend.


Here are some great educational books if anyone is interested.


Thanks for reading


– Jordan

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The only way to grow is to do the things that scare you

One step. Followed by another.

Sometime’s a leap of faith is all that is necessary for us to propel ourselves to greater realms.

Do you have fears?

(The answer is yes).

Everyone has fears.

However the difference between greatness and mediocrity is….

Do you fight your fears?…

If you don’t you should and if you do…that is good news for you. You have probably already achieved growth higher than others.

The only way for us to grow and conquer is to do the things that scare us.

The more we put the things off. The stronger we make our fear.


What is the problem with fear? Fear is there to protect me?

Well yes, fear is there to protect you. But is that how you would like to live your life? Feeling safe and protected?

If you do I suggest you get the fuck off my webpage and go check out eBay’s nice selection of Harry Potter books. This is not what Pink Mist is about.

Fighting fear makes you feel alive. For when you are not fighting fear… you are just another sheep remaining in the middle of the pack.

I don’t have time for fear in this world. My life is too damn short to be afraid.

I don’t know if many of you like rap/hip hop? I am a big fan.

Something that really stuck out to me a few months ago was a Facebook Post I read by the rapper Hopsin.

I dug through some archives and I found it for you to read.


I love it. It shows so much truth. Imagine being 80 years old and how pissed off you would be if you lived your life as a safe little pussy?

You would feel sick!

So next time you are afraid.

Visualise what the 80-year-old you would say.

I remember reading a quote that went along the lines of this. I apologise if I have not phrased correctly.

“In order to gain confidence you must first use courage. Courage is what it takes to get you over the line and then confidence emerges and remains in its place.”

P.s. get ready for podcasts. I’m scared to do this. But you don’t go up unless you push those mother fucken boundaries!

– Jordan

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Why you should never have a back-up plan


So my girlfriend has started to create her dreams of running a successful on-line boutique. She has already ordered some sample clothing off the net and is busy working on her website in her spare time. She is also studying to become a teacher. Now, recently my girlfriend has told me she prefers her dreams of owning a successful on-line boutique instead of becoming a teacher. Which is fine, all well and good, however tonight she mentioned to me that she wants to finish her teaching degree as a back-up plan in case her business doesn’t work out……

Do you know what I said?


She went on to say “In this world you have to have a back-up plan!”.

I answered “ANGHHHH WRONG!”

I then explained to her that another name for a back-up plan is a “GUARANTEED FAIL PLAN”.

Winner’s don’t have back-up plan’s. Winners do what they have set out to do. Winner’s understand that settling for second best is not an option.

You may be asking “But why is a back-up plan such a bad idea?”, “Isn’t it safe?” or “Isn’t it smart?”

No. A back-up plan is actually not safe or smart. It is actually stupid. This is why…

If you have a back-up plan you are only increasing your chances of failure!

Back-up plans put the mind at ease and take your eye’s off the goal ahead.

When you have a back-up plan you are prepared for a failure. It sounds stupid doesn’t it? Preparing for failure? When really if you were to ask yourself “do you have any plans for failure?” you would answer “no.”, but in creating a back-up plan you have already done so.


Instead avoid failure at all costs!

Live your life on a do or die scale.

You either do what the fuck you set out to do or you can go be a nice safe little pussy and achieve mediocre results and unwittingly handicap yourself.

Never ever have a back up plan.

Do you think if Sylvester Stallone had had a back up plan would he have given up on his dream of producing the movie Rocky and swapped over to something that was of less importance to him when times got tough and he had to sell his own dog for rent money or when his heating got turned off in his freezing cold apartment?

I think not.

This is a do or die man.

By the way Rocky went on to produce 3 Academy awards and get nominated for 10 Academy awards in total and the series has now gone on to produce over $1 billion dollars at the world wide box office.

That is stupid money.

But you know what’s stupider?

A back-up plan.

– Jordan


If you would like to watch the ‘Rocky story’, I posted it in this article. To this day that story is in my top 5 most influential tales I have ever heard. Truly inspiring.

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Why I Quit University

Lion (1)

“Do you go to Uni?”

“Yeh, do you?”

“Yeh, what do you study?”

“Business and Commerce in Property.”

“Oh yeh mad. Do you like it?”

(Here’s the part where I tell the other person “yes”)

“Yeh I do.”

The fact is, I really did study Business and Commerce in Property.

Another true fact is..

I did like it.

Another true fact is,

I didn’t love it.

So I quit. Yep, 2 years into my course. Half way through the semester. I just quit. Didn’t go to the exams. Didn’t even check the exam dates.

I just quit.

Do people think I’m stupid? Maybe? I’d say probably. I don’t really care.

Am I happy with my decision?


What I wanted to study and what I wanted to become educated in was not offered in my course.

Actually I don’t think it is offered in any course? Any course I have ever heard of anyway.

I wanted to study:

How to be happy.

How to unlock my full potential.

How to be successful.

How to live comfortably without fear.

And how to live without regret.


That’s what I do now. I broaden my horizons on these topics and work on building my website so I can help others and create myself financial freedom doing what I love.

No more API approved textbooks. Good bye Land Law.

Rural valuation, you can go fuck yourself.

Oh and statistics, fuck you too.

Getting up in the morning to brainwash myself with calculations and property education.

Fuck you too.

Now I educate myself in what I really love and enjoy.

I kind of figure it this way..

If you’re going to spend a lot of time on something…

 Why not make it something you love?

I will tell you this and this is my guarantee.

When your work involves something you love. It does not feel like work.

And when work no longer feels like work….

You can concentrate for 10 times as long.

Find it easier to substitute ‘hanging out’ to work on what you love.


Do what you love. I guarantee you will not lose.

Love is more powerful than any amount of concentration enhancing drugs, any amount of coffee or any amount of Red bull.

I guarantee that I would have made a lot of money in my career in property. But no way near as much as I am going to make now.

Love what you do and always do what you Love.

I also recommend watching the below video a friend of mine recommended and a video that inspired me to make this post.



So hurry up and make a change, before you’re old and full of regret.

– Jordan

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Comfort Breeds Complacency


Feeling comfortable?

You really shouldn’t.

Comfort breeds complacency

and complacency breeds…

Well nothing.

Want to go up?

Get uncomfortable.

“That doesn’t sound appealing?”

“I don’t like change?”

“I’m happy with my current life style”

That’s fine.. enjoy your big bag of Cheetos and another game of Warcraft.

More money and success for me.

Being uncomfortable reminds us that we are alive.

When we are totally comfortable we are as good as dead. Running through our daily motions.. searching for instant pleasures.

Instant pleasures do not bring true happiness. Real happiness is created by hard work and achievements. Sacrificing for a better tomorrow.

But how do I become uncomfortable?

Easy! Put yourself out there and show some fucking nuts!

Why should I move out of my parents home? I’m 40 and it has everything I need?

Do you really want to die knowing you never left the nest? That you never really became your own man?

6 AM! Is it even daylight by then?

Please shut the fuck up before I throw a spanner at you.

I really like my job at Office Works. I’ve been here for the last 6 years.

Shut the fuck up. You’re a liar. I’m sure working at Office Works for the last six years was never your dream.

A physical example of someone who does not enjoy comfort is Arnold Schwarzenegger. The man truly despises comfort and look how far he has come. From an average home in Austria, to body building champion, to million dollar actor and finally to a career in politics. Love him or hate him, the man is incredible. Imagine having his resume? I recently purchased Arnold’s newest auto biography “Total Recall”. His book has given me true insight into the definition of determination and facing the uncomfortable.


My guru Eric Thomas says it best “You’ve got to give up… to GO UP”.

If you’re not willing to pay the price.. Don’t play the fucking game!

In life you should never feel satisfied. Life is a never-ending story. Meaning there is always room for improvement.

You want to be a professional swimmer?

You better jump in that pool.

You wanna knock people out like Tyson?

You better be prepared to get hit.

You wanna make more money than you’ve ever seen in your life?

Time to research, learn from the best and put your nuts on the line.

Feel some pain – Jordan

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The power of thinking BIG



WOW, I would like to earn $100 grand this year!


Why not $200 grand?


If I could have any car I would have that brand new (Car name) worth $25 grand!


Why not a Ferrari? Worth $250 grand?


My main goal is to do 25 push ups in a row then I will be happy!


Why not 50?


All I want in life is to live modestly! That will do me!


Why not live like a fucking King? Completely financially free?


Leave mediocrity to the peasants. This website is all about living large. If you don’t like living large please hit the little X button in your top right hand corner as this website is not for you.


In life we must set the bar high in order to achieve high standards. We must be our own biggest critics. Do not listen to others, listen to yourself for you are the only one that can set your own accurate goals and standards.


Today’s article is all about changing your mentality. Changing it from small to BIG. To me small is not okay, being average is not okay. Small and average to me is BORING. I want to make big cash and invite Mr Big Happiness into my life and you should want to do the same.


Never settle for the average.


Here are the 4 steps for changing your mindset from small to BIG…..


1. Breaking Repetitive Thought Patterns (RPT’s):

Any time you think you cannot do something, any time you think a self defeating thought or any time you think to your self this will be hard you must stop, rewind and reverse what you have just said. So if you think “Man, I would like to start up my own business this year and hopefully break even because it usually takes a new business a few years before they start turning over a nice profit”, why not think “Man, I am going to start up my own business this year and make a humongous profit because I don’t even have seconds in my life to break even or make measly returns”. At first this will feel quite strange because your mind may not be used to thinking this way. But after a while it will set in like cement and you will honestly believe in what you are saying and once you believe then you will DO.

2. Learn from the best, ditch the rest:

Do you have any idols that have done what you seek to achieve? If you do learn from them. Study them. Watch what they say. Learn how they think. I bet they don’t ever talk themselves down. I bet they have true belief in themselves. Use their actions as inspiration for how you must act. Do what they do.

3. Imagery/visualisation:

This is possibly the easiest and most fun tool to use. You see a hot car you like drive past you on the road, picture yourself owning and driving that car. You enter/see a beautiful nice house, imagine you own it. Look at your wallet, imagine it ripping at the seams because you have so much cash. You see a beautiful girl, pretend she is your woman. This is so easy to do and it also keeps you motivated to wanting change and new results.

4. Do not be afraid:

This is probably one of the most repeated poems. I never truly understood it until today. But now that I understand it. I can see why it is so repeated.


“Our Greatest Fear”

Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate,
but that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us.
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant,
gorgeous, handsome, talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
It is not just in some; it is in everyone.

And, as we let our own light shine, we consciously give
other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.

– Marianne Williamson

So do not be afraid to be great. Liberate others. Show them the light. Be the inspiration other seek to find.


So to end I leave you with this.

Why think little…

When you can think BIG





Now go be a fucking killer, Good luck – Jordan


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Life’s a bitch and she aint fucking for free


Throughout my time I have learnt that Life is a complete bitch,

and she aint fucking no one for free.

If you want to take a piece of the good life you have got to go and take it.

This means sucking it up. This means not being a little pussy and occasionally taking a nice big spoonful of shit.

Today’s post is all about why you should adopt the ‘ You gotta do, what you gotta do’ mentality.

So your life ambition is to become a doctor because you love helping people. But, what’s that? You failed your final high school year so you’re going to settle for a managing position at the local grocery store?

Fuck that, go back and study some more until you can make it into university.

So your life ambition is to become a professional musician/artist because you love making beautiful music. But, what’s that? Your parents think it’s stupid and you’re afraid of performing in front of  other people?

Fuck that, go busk on the street somewhere until it feels like a walk in the park and tell your parents that if they think that your ideas are stupid then you think that their ideas are judgemental.

So you want to start-up your dream retail business store. But, what’s that? You find it hard after your usual 9-5 work commitments to find time to plan how your going to do it?

You better suck it up and get to work or before you know it you will be celebrating your retirement.

The point that I am trying to make here is that in life there are two kinds of people. Pussies and winners. Pussies prefer big televisions, late night video game sessions and being afraid. Winner’s get out there give it all they have, eat shit and ask for more until they have what they want.

In life you have just GOTTA DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO. And if this means having to give up your favourite television show.

Then so be it.

If this means stepping out of your comfort zone.

Then so be it.

If this means getting your hands dirty.

Then so be it.

If you can’t sleep in for another precious hour.

Then so be it.

If there’s something you want in this world I suggest you go take it. Because no one will bring it to you and it will never ever just appear in front of you one morning.

Good luck – Jordan

How to gain true freedom



A sense of cold dark imagery enters our minds. Metal bars. A zoo. Told what to

eat. Told when to sleep. A loss of freedom. More importantly a loss of the beauties of life.

This is our envision of the physical prison for societies ill willed. Funnily enough this is very similar to another kind of prison. A non-physical prison. A prison that is stronger than any leader we know.  Stronger than any god we can conceive. Stronger than any hero we admire. For majority of us, this prison has been built by ourselves, in the midst of our day-to-day mental dealings. This prison brings us docile comforts that calm our nerves when we are faced with adversity and the new. This prison consists of limitations and rules, that we sheepishly feel must be followed. I have written this article to help you break down the walls of your prison and to help you gain what it is to be truly free.


This Prison is our mind.


If you do not rule your world, then who does?

Your boss?

Your mother?

Your father?

Your friends?

Something you read the other day?

The dangers you saw on last night’s news?

Unfortunately our dependency for others and our own personal limitations are what hold us back from generating true happiness and explosive success. In order to gain happiness and success our prisons need to be vanquished from our minds. This is not an easy fete as most of us have depended on our prisons for many years, however it can be done.

Every time you feel compelled not to say something, do something or act on your own accord, remember that you are further adding to the thickness of your mind’s prison walls. In order to gain complete creative freedom in this world we must rely on nothing but our own true thoughts and feelings, and then we will truly be free.

Here are the five rules to help you break free of your prison

1. Do you: No one else will ever do you better than you. People secretly admire those who act as themselves because they secretly wish to acquire the strength to do it. No one was ever successful at being their best friend, being their neighbour or being their parents. The people who stand out in this world make the world exciting and less boring for everyone. Do you think we would have companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s or Nike if someone did not wish to stand out?

2. Be fearless: I found that the best way to create a sense of fearlessness is to always remind yourself that every time you don’t do something because you are afraid or uncertain of the outcome that you are just adding another padlock to the door of your prison. If you don’t like your prison then why add another concrete wall to it? Live life on the edge it’s much less boring, more exciting and the self-empowerment you will gain via being fearless is better than any drug.

3. Be limitless: If you believe running 20 km is hard, then it will be. If you believe you couldn’t make $100,000 via one week’s work then you won’t. You have got to think BIG to get BIG. Be limitless. Make your own rules, don’t listen to others. The power of living with a limitless mind-set is often portrayed by the true story of Roger Bannister. A short summary of this story starts off with the belief that for many previous years before 1954 people believed that a mile could not be run in under four minutes. People thought it was dangerous, impossible and that the human body was physically never meant to achieve it. However in 1954 Roger Bannister did the unthinkable and ran a mile in under four minutes. As soon as Bannister accomplished this so too did many others, proving that it was not impossible and that mental barriers can be broken to achieve success. So act like Bannister and ignore the critics.

4. Depend on numero uno: If you can’t depend on yourself then who can you depend on? Do not rely on anyone to ever help you in this world. If you want true freedom you must pay your own bills, make your own money, own your own home etc. When people provide you with these things you are dependent on them and being dependant upon others will not provide you with freedom. Become your own boss. Never take orders from anyone else.  Working for others is another form of dependency where you feel the need to constantly impress, show up on time, abide by the rules and probably kiss some ass and as human nature would have it no one really enjoys this.

5. Persistence: The above steps are not easy. They are not overnight changes. They will take time and will involve remodelling of the mind. The best way to stay persistent is to remember that every day you are learning and the process of becoming what your heart wants is not easy. However it is defiantly possible. As point 2. And 3. State be limitless and be fearless. Both these points will aid to your persistence. Always remember it is a one day at a time process.

– Good Luck

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‘If you hang around the barbershop long enough… sooner or later your gonna get a haircut’

This post is for anyone out there that has either given up or is on the verge of giving up on a dream

‘Success occurs right after you give up’

Imagine if Eminem gave up rap after he completely made a fool of himself choking on stage at a local rap battle competition.

Imagine if JK Rowling while on welfare, studying and being a single mother had thought it was all to difficult to find the time to create the Harry Potter series.

Imagine if Michael Jordan had decided to quit basketball while locking himself in his bedroom to cry after he was cut from his high school basketball team.

Imagine if Jerry Seinfield never got back up on stage the very next night after failing his first ever performance as a stand up comedian where he choked and was booed and haggled off the stage.

As Denzel Washington said during a speech on failure ‘if you hang around the barbershop long enough….. sooner or later you’re gonna get a haircut’

If you have given up/thinking of giving up, I strongly, strongly suggest you watch this first. By far one of the most motivational stories I have ever heard.

What good is a dream if you don’t make it come true?

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