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My attempt at 30 days of discipline


Tomorrow I begin another attempt at 30 days of discipline.

For those of you who don’t know what 30 days of discipline is… It is a 30 day challenge you give to your self when you are interested in forming some new good habits in your life.

It makes you feel like a million bucks after completion and is probably the best way to become more disciplined and successful in life.

So far here are my habits I aim to produce in 30 days.

Habit 1. Eat healthier! Only eat junk food on Sunday. Sunday is my only day off and I am free to eat as much or as little junk food as I like.

Habit 2. Rise and shine! Wake up by at least 6:30 am every morning. This means getting 8.5 hours sleep a night and going to bed at 10:00 pm. (Except Saturday and Sunday)

Habit 3. Cold showers! Cold showers only (Can’t believe I am doing this one as it is currently winter… Fuck)

Habit 4. Your body is a weapon! Do some form of exercise training 6 out of 7 days a week.

Habit 5. Dress to impress! Show some self-respect and not dress like a bum.

Habit 6. Write a to do list every single morning. Sunday does not involve having to complete a to do list as it is my regulated day off.

Habit 7. Write all my ideas down. Who knows they may transform into something.

Habit 8. No cigarettes/cigars at all. Nothing but that sweet, sweet O2.

Habit 9. Alcohol only once a week. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Habit 10. Every day I must do a clean-up of all my shit. A clean environment is a productive environment.

Habit 11. Do 3 x back rehabilitation exercises per day. Got to keep up the healing process.

Habit 12. Do something every day that scares the shit out of me. Should be fun.

Habit 13. Have an e-book on-line and for sale by the end of 30 days. Buy it. It’s going to be fucking hot.

Habit 14. Visualise my self living the kind of lifestyle I desire for 5 minutes every day. What you think about.. you bring about.

Habit 15. Read this list every morning. Easy.


Along with starting this 30 day experiment I will be printing off numerous copies of my habit list and placing them around my home as reminders so I don’t… fuck up.

I am also going to stick a little note on the top of my laptop stating I will have my e-book completed and producing income by the 2nd of August (31 days from tomorrow). This is the same day you will be hearing back from me in regard to how I went with my 30 days and my results of a PASS or FAILURE. I will be recording my completion rates each day of the experiment so you will be able to see what I found easy and what I found hard.



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