Hey, my name is Jordan Flynn..

I am from Sydney Australia and I am passionate about improving the lives of others and helping them kick ass in life.

Here is a photo of me in my graduate year of high school kicking a walls ass. Boo-yeah.

 Jordan Kicking

And here is a photo of me keeping it real.

 jordan fire



So I don’t know how you got here, who you are or how you found my website… but, I can tell you that you are extremely lucky because this website is going to help you kick life’s ass. It is going to show you some ideas on how to increase your wealth, confidence, intelligence, physical abilities and your over all happiness. This website is an overall life improver that will turn you from a pee wee loser into an ass kicking winner.

You may be wondering why the name ‘Pink Mist Motivation’? Well the basis of the website name ‘Pink Mist Motivation’ relates to the terminology of a ‘pink mist’. A ‘pink mist’ refers to one of the hardest and most desirable shots attainable by a sniper…. The ultimate kill shot, a head shot. Which leaves an aftermath shower of pink mist. This is how I want you to act…

To act like a sniper and ‘PINK MIST’ your goals

and objectives in life in order to become an ass kicking Winner.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. EpicHustler says:

    Cool blog man. I’m not 100% behind the violent imagery involved in the pink mist. However given that Pink Mist was once my “ninja name” I can get behind it. Stay up!~

  2. Hannibal says:

    Well done man, keep it up you are an inspiration.

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